Relax in our Hospitality

Just one sight at the Sicila's lobby will tell you that we don't merelv talk but we walk the talk. Sicilia is situated in the lap of nature of Thoduouzha for an abstracted sojourn providing a lot of space to stroll through the landscapes of delight in the side of Thodupuzha - Idukki Road.

Welcome to Hotel Sicilia the iconic hospitality landmark of Thodupuzha, a fusion of modernity and tradition. Sicilia stands strong even today with the concept of 'Atithi Devo Bhava. This dynamic system marks the excellence of our tourist home ever
since 1989.

Discover our Luxury

The rooms which are created by weaving the threads of English and Indian Culture have got an aura of distinctive elegance. Our rooms are beautiful enough to house all your ambitions with a perfect blend of art and design Moreover our suite room combines all the needs for the business and the feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Sicilia Restaurant

Enjoy delicious dining at anv time of day at Sicilia elegant, yet casual and easy going. this convenient restaurant serves up a diverse menu of tantalising multi cuisine specialties.

Chilling Bar

Our Executive Chilly Bar is more an economical bar offering an extensive beverage and snack selection. Have a drink while relaxing and watch the world go bv.

Lounge bar

Our Lounge bar is a place to meet friends and relax while having a drink and say 'cheers'. A large selection of local and imported beverages await you in relaxed surroundings.